Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Egyptian National ID

Fellow EAS members:

Below is a message from our Consul General, Mr. Alaa Issa, regarding the ability to obtain or renew an Egyptian National ID card. This can be done from Feb 2-6th. Please read below the message from the consul with more detailed information on the process needed to obtain this document.


Sherif Zaafran, MD
President, Egyptian American Society

Dear Friends and fellow Egyptians,

Greetings to one and all. I hope that 2011 will be better year for all of us and our loved ones and our country. Let us pray and hope for that goal, as human beings and Egyptians first and foremost.

My name is Alaa Issa. I am the Consul General of Egypt in Houston, TX. Since I arrived here in September 2010, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of
you but unfortunately not all.

I am writing regarding a matter that may be of interest to a number of you, namely the need to obtain or renew or replace the National ID card for Egyptian Citizens (Rakam Kawmi).

For those of you who are unaware of this issue, it is in brief, the new system implemented in Egypt since 1997 whereby every Egyptian citizen is issued a National ID number (similar to the Social Security Number in the USA). Egyptian citizens above the age of 16 years are issued a National Identity Card containing their picture, vital information and, most important, a unique National ID number for each individual. This number functions in a manner similar to the Social Security number in the USA. It has become essential to conduct any transaction in Egypt (apply for a bank loan, purchase a new car, apply for a credit card, buy or sell or register property, file a police report, issue a power of attorney to your lawyer or relative in order to execute any business on you behalf, request any document from Government offices or Egyptian Consulates abroad such as
passports, marriage certificates or birth certificates................).

National ID cards are issued to citizens 16 years and older and must be renewed every 7 years. Once created, your unique National ID number does not change - it stays with you for life. Citizens have only to renew their National ID cards every 7 years, which affords them a chance to indicate any change in occupation, social status (married. divorced, widowed....) or other pertinent information.

A Committee / Task Force from the Civil Affairs Authority of the Egyptian Government will be visiting the Consulate General of Egypt in Houston from 2-6 February 2011 with the objective of issuing or renewing National ID cards for Egyptian citizens residing in the USA (they will be visiting the Egyptian Consulates in New York and Washington D.C. before coming to Houston to transact for Egyptian citizens in the Northeast).

A detailed circular is attached in both PDF and WORD formats. It contains all the necessary information for Egyptian citizens wishing to get a National ID card for the first time or to renew cards that were issued more than 7 years ago or to replace cards that were lost or stolen.

Please read it carefully. Should you have any questions, you may contact the Consulate General of Egypt in Houston via this email or by telephone from 09:00 -11:00 am Monday to Friday (this email will cease to function on 7 February 2011 - it is created exclusively for the National ID Task Force ).

I would like to stress the following issues which are outlined in detail in the attached circular:

1. It is essential that any interested individuals come to the Consulate's premises in Houston in person. National ID cards carry a digital photograph of the bearer, similar to a driver's license, and individuals must be photographed at the Consular
2. You may need to get some certificates notarized at a Notary Public beforehand . You may also need to have some documents translated and certified at the Consulate when you come in before you submit you application for a National ID Card. So please, please read the circulars carefully and plan your time accordingly.
3. There are NO appointments. This will be a walk-in service during the hours indicated - First Come First Served.
4. Ample parking has been arranged as indicted in the circulars and refreshments will be available.
5. This email address will be checked daily to respond to any queries -

Once again, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of you since my arrival in September 2010 but I sincerely look forward to meeting you all should you be coming to the Consulate during the period 2-6 February or at a later time.

Finally, PLEASE circulate this email and the attachments to any Egyptian citizen in any State in the USA whom you think may be remotely interested

Thank you,
Alaa Issa
Consul General
Consulate General of Egypt in Houston
5718 Westheimer Rd
Suite #
Houston, TX
(713) 961-4915

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